USDGA Hall of Fame Chair

Press  Release:

From: Bernie Brown, USDGA Hall of Fame Chair

Re:  Hall of Fame Inductees, May 15, 2013

I am most pleased to report the USDGA Hall of Fame’s selection for the 2013 Hall of Fame inductees.  There will be a Hall of Fame ceremony during the USDGA Golf Championship Tournament in Tucson, Arizona on June 7, 2013.  All inductees and/or family member(s) are invited to attend the ceremony to be held on Friday evening, June 7, 2013.  Please contact Bernie Brown at for dinner reservations.

2011 Hall of Fame inductees are:

Helen DiFalco of Sun City West, AZ  both a premium player and a leader during MDLGA days.  She was instrumental in developing an active MDLGA.   She participated in MDLGA events for over 37 years and exerted her leadership to bring young deaf women into the world of golf.  She served as MDLGA President several years in addition to several MDLGA offices.  She also founded the Wolverines Deaf Ladies Golf Association in 1977 where she served as an officer in several capacities including 18 years as its tourney chairperson.

Linda Nelson of Cary, NC  has been in the golfing world for many years.  She participated in MDLGA tournaments, starting in 1971.  She chaired the 1979 tournament and was its champion several times.  She is now a Board member of MDLGA and Law Chair after being its secretary.  She helped set up and chaired Twin Cities Deaf Ladies Golf tournaments during 1970’s.  Also, she helped set up Eastern States Deaf Ladies Association and served as USDGA Board Member for 8 years.

Heyward Thompson of Branchville, SC is an accomplished golfer, including being the oldest NDGA/USDGC champion at the age of 57.   Even at age of 69, he finished 3rd place behind Doren Granberry and Bill Roberts in the 1993 NDGA tournament.  In this same year, he placed 2nd to youthful Canadian Jonathan Rose in SEDGA.   He won several SEDGA tournaments and competed against young golf heavyweights such as John Vaughn, Peter Siege and Roland Stetson.

George Dyess of Silver Spring, MD has played in all regional golf tournaments and many state/local DGA tournaments since 1979.  He is one of the few who have competed in both the old USDGA and existing USDGC  tournaments.  He competed in almost all National Deaf Golf Association tourneys, too.  He qualified for WDGC several times, placing 3rd in 2004.   He was involved in several hearing tournaments some of which he won.  He has held several offices including SEDGA President and USDGA Board Member.  He helped or coached several Deaf golfers who became top golfers.  He helped set up and supervised Deaf Youth Golf Camp for three years.

I want to thank the USDGA Hall of Fame committee members for their time nominating, reviewing and selecting the candidates.  Please check for information about the upcoming USDGA Championship Tournament event in Tucson, Arizona this June 3-7, 2013

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