The Wrist Band That Interprets Sound For The Deaf!

June 29th, 2010 . By Nupur Sinha in Concepts and Designs .

What if you fail to hear the signal? You could still see them. And after all, seeing is believing. Isn’t it. You looked at your wrist to know the time. All thanks to the clock in your mobile and computer screen you don’t even need

to do this. But for the deaf this wrist band conceptual design will prove to be a blessing.

wristband for the deaf concept design 1 Konstantin Datz

Konstantin Datz, designed this product concept to get an entry to FHP Potsdam for the industrial design course. The accessory alerts deaf people in danger and helps them view a pictorial depiction of the noise. The wristband doesn’t work alone; it is complemented by a micro device which can be worn on the belt. The Micro device records sound, interprets it and sends a pictorial message, which can be viewed on the screen of the wrist watch. The watch even vibrates in case of danger. Datz, has also given out a blue print as an illustration of his concept.

wristband for the deaf concept design Konstantin Datz

I must say that the designer is not only talented but also very thoughtful. His designs are meant to cater to the less privileged people in our society. One of his earlier designs is the Braille Rubik’s Cube, where he replaced the colored panels with white surface stamped with the name of the color in braille.

Till few years back, we thought that the wrist bands were synonymous with watches. But that’s not the case anymore. When you read up about the Nokia fashionable bluetooth device, smartphone bracelet device and samsung proxima mobile phone concept, your perception would surely change.

wristband for the deaf concept Konstantin Datz

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3 Comments to The Wrist Band That Interprets Sound For The Deaf!

  1. Tom Prevatt
    June 30, 2010 at 7:33 AM | Permalink

    Does the wrist band for the deaf alert the deaf people the doorbell and fire alarm’s (designed for hearing people, not deaf people) sounds?

    Will the wrist band shows two pictures if a doorbell rings and a dog inside house is barking at the same time?

  2. June 4, 2011 at 11:53 AM | Permalink

    I have 6 years old twin grandsons. One is profoundly deaf. Does this device come in child sizes?
    Thanks :)

  3. derik
    September 7, 2011 at 5:22 AM | Permalink

    I have deaf neigbours, and I have a problem with their dog (jack russel with an irretating nervous bark) that barks for nothing and keep on barking , because the people do not hear the dog barking, they do not silence the dog all the time.

    I thought of a transmitter type neck band for dogs, that charges with movenent, and sends out a signal when barking is detected. This must send a signal to a reciever that converts the signal into an output that can either vibrates and/or flash a light in a remote area where it can be noticed. This is really a problem for me, can you help ?????

    I love my niegbours and we are good friends , but this dog is comming between us slowly and surely.

    And tey are looking into putting an home alarm in aswell, if you can give sugestions here it would be apreaciated.

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